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Event Schedule

Global event offering exclusive performance from 64 artists. This year’s festival is expanding to encompass five dance floors.

  • Thursday, 29th September

  • Friday, 30th September

  • Saturday, 1st October

  • Sunday, 2nd October

  • Drawing from his maternal grandfather’s background as a blacksmith, master storyteller Sean Weafer (the Rebel in a Business Suit) weaves a compelling opening keynote on the power and importance of fire and magic in transformation.

    He will link the ancient and perceived magical art of the smith with how today’s speakers, coaches and trainers have inherited the mantle of ‘making magic happen’ for our audiences and clients through our ability to forge new futures with our own unique fire and magic.

  • Together, we grow confidently, powerfully, and with impact. Together you can strengthen, practice, and prepare for an amazing future. "The Pegine Experience" of content, camaraderie, comedy, and cadence comes to Dublin. Pegine will engage, encourage, and entertain you while you learn to own the stage - boldly. Speak courageously, embracing your unique style. Purposefully be seen and heard to showcase your brilliance and be profitable by being paid well. A leadership business speaker who has spoken with 2 US presidents, 12% of the Fortune 100, and all branches of the US military.

  • People look to speakers to be leaders - thought leaders to bring them new ideas and inspirational leaders to drive them to attain more. We are conditioned to expect our leaders to display strength and signal clear direction, particularly in times of uncertainty. But does that mean that speakers need to know all the answers all the time?

    In 2016, Andy Lopata urged delegates at the PSA National Convention to be more vulnerable with each other and admit to our colleagues that we are not perfect and that we don't have all of the answers. At GSS in 2022, he wants us to extend that vulnerability to our relationships with our audiences.

    But, despite living in a time when people are encouraged to share their vulnerability more, how can speakers do so while still commanding respect?

    And is it desirable for them to do so?

    Takeaways for audience :

    - Question previous perceptions about what makes you a leader in the eyes of your audience

    - Understand new ways to create a deep connection with your audience 

    - Reframe your understanding of what it means to be resilient and what it takes to get there

  • Linear, local thinking has no place in a quantum, global world. As professional speakers we need to be at the cutting edge of both our topics and our speaking and business skills.

    We should feel free to discard old models that no longer serve us and discover or create new ways of thinking. Without that change, we run the risk of not serving our audiences well, effectively leaving them to move backwards and be left behind.

    We want to use exponential thinking to provide exponential results to clients and audiences, without having to work frantically to keep up.

    Speakers need to think like futurists, draw on creativity and instigate innovation. As futurist exponential speakers, we want to embrace change and never stop investing in learning. Then we become respected and leading speakers at the pointed end of our topics and our reputations and client results will be evident in our calendars and bank balances.

    Takeaways for audience :

    - Identify old analogue and digital thinking and compare it to exponential thinking. Discard what no longer serves you.

    - Develop new mindsets and skillsets to operate effectively and at ease in an exponential world and which provides better results for you and for your clients.

    - Develop a plan to continuously challenge complacency in your professional development and thinking skills.

    - A checklist will be provided of ways to explore and implement exponential thinking.

  • How you can easily add online participants to your face-to-face formats and reach even more people. Overview and content

    In the pandemic, almost all face-to-face formats were converted to online formats. In the meantime, face-to-face formats are coming back. However, many clients have realised that online formats can often reach even more people than pure face-to-face formats. The future lies in hybrid formats, where online participants can also be added to face-to-face formats.

    In the workshop, Thorsten Jekel shows how anyone can add online participants to face-to-face formats with the simplest of means. Various alternatives for Macs, PCs and cross-platform web solutions will be presented.

    Thorsten Jekel is also looking forward to your complementary tips and tricks, because knowledge is the only resource that multiplies when shared 🙂

    Takeaways for audience :

    The workshop will show, among other things,

    - how to mix and deliver a crisp image in Zoom,

    - how you can easily livestream trainings and lectures,

    - how you can even stream your face-to-face formats as 360-degree videos for VR glasses.

  • Three plain black cotton t-shirts. Three polarised prices. How can these t-shirts help your audiences become more confident and accepting of themselves? Join this session to find out!

    People today are experiencing unprecedented emotional fatigue. Research shows that 85% of the world’s population suffers from low self-esteem. How does this impact their work? Their decisions?

    In this session, Keka will show us how to use powerful global branding principles and brain-based science to deeply connect with our audiences, so our spoken word can deliver greater impact.

    Advertising is designed to move people. Use these principles to move your audiences, too.

    Takeaways for audience :

    1. Help audiences identify their self-limiting beliefs using undeniable science (that advertising uses every day)

    2. Help their audiences re-charge their inner drive and motivation, using strategies that the world’s top-performing brands use

    3. Articulate their own speaker brand more effectively to their audiences using social-emotional learning strategies that marketers use

  • How Speakers, Trainers and Coaches Leverage Their Networks to Build Both Impact and Income.

    Building a community around you is Essential for speakers and professionals who want to stand out in a saturated marketplace.

    A community of raving fans will resonate with what you have to say, relate to you in a way unlike anyone else and refer you – over and over again, without you even having to ask! This is the holy grail of marketing, and in this session, Denise is making your quest easy and possible.

    This engaging workshop will give you a proven process to create, grow and scale your speaking business – enabling you to make a bigger impact and become more famous – whether world domination or more well known in your country.

    Takeaways for the audience: The Reality is this - we’re all part of communities, but we’re not all part of communities of raving fans.

    In this engaging session, attendees will walk away with:

    -The winning missing piece from your marketing or brand message.

    -The three Rs that are essential for building a community of raving fans.

    -Three tactics that you can immediately implement to get your audience or clients to become your secret salesforce.

  • We are wired for real and meaningful connections. For many speakers, a deep connection with any audience may seem challenging. In this innovative talk, Ian Hatton will help you relieve anxiety by practically guiding you on how to make your keynote a conversation. This talk has been designed to showcase the value of using technology that elevates both virtual and in-person talks. Building variety that fosters authentic audience engagement.

    Takeaways for the audience:

    1) How to make your keynote a conversation.

    2) The value of adding technology to virtual and in-person talks.

    3) How to build variety into your audience engagement.

  • Welcome from the GSF President Martin Laschkolnig and an overview of the worldwide speaking community.

  • The session is an opportunity to develop your Diversity and Inclusion ethos - this, like many other threads to your business, is not just a box to check. Our audiences are becoming more demanding that we, as speakers, trainers and coaches, are aware of the need to be inclusive in our use of language and ensure that everyone can participate - this can seem like a minefield.

    This interactive panel discussion is an opportunity to explore your thoughts and address the common problem of "the fear of getting it wrong, by saying or doing the wrong thing".

    Takeaways for the audience:

    • Why understanding your Inclusion and Diversity Vision and Values matter as a starting point.

    • Realising there is no magic bullet or shortcut to being Inclusive - it's about following a positive direction of travel.

    • Practical and Implementable ways to be more inclusive and consider your client's needs and most importantly - finding your own "why of D&I."

  • Charisma is a word filled with mystique and appeal. What is it? Is there a formula? How can I get it?

    Looking into what science says about charisma, it is evident that most of us speakers already have this in abundance. This mini-keynote will bring tips and insights that will strengthen you as a speaker so you can add even more value to the audience.

    Takeaways for the audience:

    - The three communicative superpowers.

    - The top 10 tips on how to bring charisma to the stage.

  • Everyone has a story to tell. In 2002 NSA president Jim Rhode and conference chair Mark LeBlanc invited Tim to do a general session event at the next annual NSA conference. They were convinced Tim’s original style and pee-your-pants hilarious stories needed to be shared with everyone at NSA.

    His 30-minute program later that year was a big hit. More importantly, one story really was especially unique and hilarious, his “Save Me the Middle Seat”. As Tim exited the Main Ballroom, CSP, CPAE Zig Ziglar told him: “You knocked it out of the park, Tim! On the spot, he was offered the main stage opening keynote spot at the next Million Dollar Round Table event and received offers from all over the world to book him or learn from him. He also had several speaker bureaus approach him for representation, and many still book him today.

    What is your million-dollar story? Laugh-out- loud and have fun with Tim Gard, CSP, CPAE, as he shares his own million-dollar story and then explains how it helped put him on the path to a million dollars.

    Discover why:

    * A joke is simple in its elegance, but a story is as long or as short as it should be.

    * Discover for yourself how to craft your own story using Tim’s Tips for story success.

    * Signature stories and signature styles are so important.

  • For just about any professional speaker, the last two years have been a difficult time. Some have come well through the crisis, and many others have suffered a lot. Speakers are looking forward to the old normality, but times have changed. The ability to think creatively and act fast is the future core competency of every professional speaker. Christian will share thinking patterns and great examples that will help his fellow speakers to use that ability and increase their relevance even in dynamic times.

    Takeaways for the audience:

    - about upcoming disruptive market shifts and how to deal with them as a professional speaker

    - how to develop a mindset that will help in adapting your business to change

    - how to create new ideas that will increase your relevance

  • Many of us have faced challenges over the last few years, and there may be more to come. Can we all be part of a new leadership style which leads with empathy, compassion, vulnerability, and love?

    Jo Berry will share how she turned her life around after her father was killed in a terrorist attack in Brighton, UK, by the IRA in 1984. She gave up revenge and blaming just two days after, and her healing journey started.

    After the peace process in 2000, Jo arranged to meet the ex-combatant who killed her dad. This first meeting was transformational for them both and led to 22 years of speaking worldwide together. She will share the lessons she has learnt from her unique relationship with him and how this has framed the work she does today.


    - How to come back from a tough situation and discover strength, resilience and deeper empathy for humanity.

    - Learn how your emotional pain can become part of your offer.

    - How to take your power back.

    - Know how revenge and blaming others can set us back in our healing.

    - Feel more hopeful and know what is possible.

    - How to turn your internal judge into your ally.

    - How to empower others to move from victim to victor.

    - How can you let go of being right and empathise even when you disagree?

  • TAUTUA -SERVANT WARRIOR Sustainable Indigenous Leadership Values For Business.

    TAUTUA is a Samoan concept that is a holistic, sustainable way of leading by serving.

    Polynesian values are about respect, connection, collaboration, humility, kindness, and relationships. For over 3000 years, Pacific peoples navigated and discovered the Pacific Islands and Seas. The Samoan proverb "O le ala I le pule o le tautua" -The pathway to leadership is through service, continually serving our elders, family and work. Leadership is changing; it is all about our Indigenous values-based approach. In times of crisis, we must come together to adapt how we do business and put people first over anything in the world. We need to change how we think and do business with TAUTUA, the new way of leading by serving, uniting and connecting our village, our tribes, and our communities.

    Takeaways for the audience:

    - The first main principle is the new Polynesian TAUTUA framework. They will understand how to apply the indigenous-based values of TAUTUA to their lives and business.

    - The second main practical takeaway is they will learn how to communicate effectively with TAUTUA with intentional listening and effective speaking that empathises understanding with empathy.

    - They will learn how to apply TAUTUA throughout their organisation and implement and systemise to bring a long-lasting and sustainable impact. These changes will be increased engagement, empowering and effective communication and positive, inclusive culture and a safe environment to work and thrive.

  • In this fast-paced, light-hearted session, I will share my own unique tips, using some quirky acronyms that I have created over the years. One such example is FFS - which is not quite what you might think! This stands for FirstName, FirstName, SurName. So, when introducing yourself, in a situation where the listeners do not know you, always say your first name, pause, and then repeat your first name and surname (i.e.F F S). It slows you down and helps with clarity. The tips will be intertwined with personal stories and a good peppering of humour.

    Takeaways for the audience:

    - Discover the 43 muscles that have a massive impact on your presence.

    - Understand that your words are NOT 7% of your message ... but they could be.

    - Why "AND" is the most dangerous word in any language.

  • How To Get More Gigs And Stop Leaving Money On The Table

    Have you ever wondered what you might have done to get a gig that you felt was yours until it wasn’t? How about the time when a meeting planner, prospect, or client coerced you into giving ‘your fee,’ only to have them leap at it while saying, “I thought you might charge more.” Ouch! After this session, attendees will know how to negotiate more effectively to reach better outcomes while reading body language and verbal and non-verbal cues.

    Takeaways for the audience:

    - Ways to uncover hidden information that will allow you to get closer to the investment (not fee) that clients will make to bring you in to speak.

    - Body language signals (even when you’re on the phone) to observe to note subtle signals to indicate what someone is thinking (That will give you insight into how to position/adjust your offer).

    - The personal negotiation insights you’d like more information on to increase your negotiation skills.

    This session will be epic! Because you will drive it by your specific needs, based on your particular challenges and situations. Meaning you get to ask questions that are most pertinent to you! Plus, you will receive a bonus (there’s a little negotiation technique right there 😊).

  • As a speaker, unless you’re completely clear on what makes you stand out, you won’t be able to build a reputation for being the best speaker in your field.

    In this facilitated learning session, Chantal Cornelius will show you how to work out your own unique way of standing out from your competitors to help you build a really strong speaking reputation. Chantal is Marketing Director for the PSA with over 21 years of experience of working with coaches, speakers and trainers through her business, Appletree Marketing. Come and take part in this discussion and learn a unique way of growing the strong reputation that you need.

    Takeaways for the audience:

    1. How to work out what makes you really different.

    2. How to use that difference to build the reputation you want.

    3. How to use your reputation to get more business!

  • Everyone is asking how to future-proof themselves in these uncertain times. This talk will give you some of the keys for dancing with disruption of any kind. In this very personal. moving and inspiring presentation Nikki Bush, Human Potential and Parenting Expert will share her story to help you reframe where you find yourself right now, and regain perspective in these challenging times.

    This acclaimed, high-impact presentation will reset your mind and shift your heart around issues of change, loss and grief. You will walk away with frameworks, coping mechanisms and useful resources to help you to continue to win at work and in life no matter what life throws at you.

    Takeaways for the audience :

    How to turn full-stop moments in your personal or professional life into commas

    Frameworks for reframing any kind of disruption

    Regain perspective by finding collateral beauty in the collateral damage

  • Through my years of walking, especially on the Camino de Santiago, I have drawn up the 7 Camino principles by which I now live my life by. These can be applied to all areas of our lives.

    - Treat everyone with respect - Keep it simple - Be in tune with YOU - Ensure adequate planning time - Manage Expectations - Be Flexible - Celebrate

    Takeaways for the audience:

What is meant by your true self and why it's important to know who you really are and how that helps us to be aligned, authentic, and in our flow.

    2. Why we should strive for simplicity rather than over-complicating.

    3. How celebration is key in all that we do.

  • Mental Wealth is a play on mental health and comes from pursuing your true potential and well-being with a committed support network. Isolation kills creativity and prevents decision-making, leading to introspection and procrastination, increasing the risk of a failure to deliver.

    There are four core areas to assist your Mental Wealth Team:

    • Self-care that makes you focus on being number 1.

    • The right coach for the path ahead: unlocking greater potential than you can achieve on your own.

    • Your team of professionals: wealth manager, legal eagle, accountant.

    • Mastermind groups that empower others to hold you accountable in a mutually supportive ecosystem.

    Takeaways for the audience:

    - A clear understanding of who in your support network truly has your back and who you need to say goodbye to because they are not fit for purpose for the future ahead of you.

    - The tools to build, develop and select the right Mental Wealth Team.

    - It's time to focus on becoming number 1 in your world.

    - Asking for help is not a sign of weakness; it’s what helps the best to succeed.

  • In an age of disengagement, distraction and fatigue still lingering from the pandemic, how we work and live have been tested. As speakers, our businesses were disrupted like never before, and now, as the world returns to ‘normal’, you may be wondering, “What now? What next?”

    Health and Productivity Expert Michelle Cederberg shares research from her new book, The Success-Energy Equation, to help you regain clarity about what is truly important in your work and life and tap into a well of energy that will increase productivity and reduce overwhelm.

    Using hilarious anecdotes and innovative strategies, this keynote will have you laughing and leave you with a renewed sense that it's possible to break free from stress and drive success in this new world of work.

    Takeaways for audience :

    Get clear on your own definition of success; What really matters to you in work and life, and how has the pandemic changed that?

    Look at typical barriers that get in the way of success, how you can effectively navigate them, and stay productive despite them.

    Discover a simple formula for success that can transform how you work and live.

  • Steve Judge’s keynote will take everybody in the room from Good to GOLD.

    Through his experiences, he knows that to take dynamic action and be the change you see in yourself, you either need inspiration, motivation or desperation. In his journey from wheelchair to world champion, he had all three. This keynote will give people the tools and empower everyone to go confidently on their journey in the direction of their dreams, their GOLD.

    Takeaways for the audience :

    How to become a high achiever in what you do

    How to clearly see your vision every single day

    How to stay motivated even on your lowest days

  • How can Leaders add lasting value to their teams? By getting them to change their behaviour. However, you can’t change someone’s behaviour simply by trying to change their behaviour. In this session, I will share some insights from Felix the Cat and playing bass guitar in a band that will help you make a lasting difference to your team.

    By listening to today’s speaker, you will understand how to influence your team to help people to turn 'have-to' into 'want-to' and bring about lasting change in your team.

  • A fun, challenging, and interactive session giving you the skills and confidence to set a MASSIVE goal for your speaking business this year. Those who use the content could expect an average increase in productivity of 26.5%. You will be creating your own plan, so PLEASE have a pen and paper to hand.

    Takeaways for the audience :

    - A first draft plan of how to grow your speaking business this year.

    - Never set a “smart” goal ever again!

    - “smart” is a myth !

Extraordinary Artists

When you make music or write or create, it’s really your job to have mind-blowing, irresponsible.

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